New Research Study: Do You Know What to Expect When a Movie Adaptation Comes Along?

BNC has just released its latest research study. It’s about movie adaptations and tie-ins. I don’t want to give too much away because we made it especially for SalesData subscribers. You have to log in to get the details.

We looked at how movie adaptations affect the sales of the books on which they are based and on backlists. It seems like an easy question to answer, but this report gives you information you can actually use when the next movie adaptation comes along.

We compared book sales to box-office sales and took into account marketing tools, like trailers and movie tie-in covers, to determine when audience interest in a title begins and when it fades away. Titles from the author’s backlist are also included to see if effects extend to their other books.

So we’ve done our homework. And the results are not as predictable you would think; some of the findings go against our everyday assumptions.

  • How long a sales spike you should expect?
  • What sales increases should you predict when deciding on a reprint order?
  • How many copies should you stock of a movie tie-in and for how long?
  • Are movie tie-in covers always the way to go?

Find out by logging in to BNC SalesData and following the instructions.