BNC SalesData Tip #10: Top 5 Favourite Tips

In honour of Deanna McFadden’s Tech Forum talk , where she extols the virtues of Top 10 lists on the internet, I’ve decided to make it even easier by posting a Top 5 list of my favourite tips for SalesData. If you have a tip that didn’t make my list, feel free to share it in the comments!

  1. Peer data
    Ask retail contributors if they would be willing to share their data with you directly through SalesData.  If the answer is yes, just copy us in on the exchange at  Even better, there is no additional cost to add peer views!
  2. Set up automatic reports
    Have all your regular reports sent right to your inbox, or automatically send reports to other people in your organization.  If you need help setting up those saved reports, check out number 3…
  3. Video tutorials
    Take a look at the quick how-to videos for different sections of the site.
  4. Use the graphing tools
    Sometime the visual makes all the difference.  Especially handy for looking at the industry snapshot over time, and multi-week or title trend reports on smaller lists of titles.  Just click on the graph icon. SalesData Graph Icon
  5. Tool tips
    Not sure if you can use ISBN-10 in the search box? Click on the little blue question mark next to the search box.  These handy tool tips provide quick answers to common questions, and will affirm that yes, you can search with an ISBN-10.