One Book, One Twitter: Voting Starts Monday!

“What if everyone on Twitter read the same book at the same time and we formed one massive, international book club?”Jeff Howe in One Book, One Twitter … aka #1b1t

That’s the concept behind One Book, One Twitter (#1b1t ), and I think it’s pretty awesome.

One Book, One Twitter is the brainchild of Jeff Howe (@crowdsourcing ), and here’s how it works:

  • Book nominations were crowdsourced via
  • Those nominations were then voted up or down by the crowd.
  • Once nominations and voting ended, the top 6 were chosen.
  • Currently, the One Book, One Twitter advisory panel is choosing an additional 4 titles to shake things up.
  • Voting for the one book we’re all going to read starts on Monday!

There were some stipulations for nominations. Ideally, they would be:

  • Widely accessible
  • Translated into a variety of languages
  • Appealing to a broad, international audience

The idea for One Book, One Twitter was inspired by the One City One Book project where communities got together in a giant book club. Now, Twitter makes it possible to do this on a global scale. So get ready to cast your vote for the winning book on Monday. Then read, talk, and tweet about it with everyone from the people you live with to those you’ve never met who live on the other side of the world.