BNC Tech Forum 2010 Session Videos

Tech Forum’s come and gone, but the glory lives ononline! For all who missed the day, and for those who want to relive the magic, we’re working away to get them up on the BookNet Canada site. One session will be posted per week. Last week we posted Bob Miller of Workman Publishing’s “Can This Business Be Saved”? session. Miller talks frankly about what worked and what didn’t at the experimental imprint HarperStudio, and looks forward to the future of e-reading“The next big thing, or the next CD-ROM?” Find out on the Tech Forum page.

Up today is Richard Nash of Cursor’s session, “Publishing 3.0: Moving From Gatekeeping to Partnerships”. The tweeting was fast and furious on this one. Nash talks about the “true pathology of unearned advances” and asserts that “content isn’t king, culture is”. You can view the video here.

Next week: Dominique Raccah of Sourcebooks talks about transforming innovative ideas into action.