BNC SalesData: Two New Reports

Starting March 8, BNC SalesData users will have access to two new reports: Title Trend and Title by Market.

The Title Trend Report will allow you to search up to 100 titles for any week ending date, first on hand date or first sale date to compare sales or on hand for any 13 week, quarter or year timeframe for any markets that you have permission to see. This report will allow you to track trends and break down week over week how titles you are interested in tracking are doing over time right in the browser view of BNC SalesData.

The Titles by Market Report provides the ability to compare sales for any of your titles across all the markets that you are permitted to see. If you are a publisher, this means you can compare your sales on your own titles. For retailers, you will be able to see sales for the whole market and for any of your own outlets.

To help introduce these reports, BookNet Canada is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, March 10 at 2PM EST. Get the inside scoop as Jackie Fry, BNC SalesData guru, walks you through these powerful new reports. Sign up for the webinar here.

For more info, you could also contact us.