Because I don’t have my summary done for the latest, greatest ACP ePub Boot Camp, I am procrastinating by posting this. Michael Smith of the IDPF, Leslie Hulse of HarperCollins, Cynthia Cleto of Springer Science + Business Media and Ken Brooks of Cengage Learning put together a great wiki to help people:

“Get a comprehensive overview of the basics of e-books including business issues driving ePublishing, business characteristics, business models, areas of experimentation, challenges and trends. We’ll consider each of these aspects across trade, higher education, reference and STM publishing. By looking at these business categories side by side and finding points of similarity and difference, we aim to provide valuable insight”

In that wiki I came across Symtio.Symtio claims to be the first multi-channel digital media platform for retail. With Symtio, customers purchase eBooks, audiobooks, and soon music and movies, in-store and download them from anywhere they have an internet connection. It’s the link between digital media and the retail experience.

It seemed to me that this just may be an interesting bridge between a traditional bricks and mortar retail outlet and the digital realm. Curation is still important and there isn’t a big investment or big contract negotiation for independents.

In other news that keeps me from working on my summary but still thinking about the ebook revolution is the announcement from verizon and AT&T about wanting to support wireless ebook readers ala-Kindle. There must be money in them thar ehills.

And finally this little note about the netbook:

By the end of the year, consumers are likely to see laptops the size of thin paperback books that can run all day on a single charge and are equipped with touch screens or slide-out keyboards.

All for a mere $100.00!

And now back to boot camp, symantic tagging, pdfxml, embedded fonts and more!