EPUB Boot Camp: Get Your Hands Dirty

Slides are now available from the EPUB Boot Camp (first ever, according to Michael Smith, Executive Director of the IDPF) if you click here.

Great speakers (Laura Dawson of LJNDawson Consulting, Keith Fahlgren of O’Reilly Media, Dan Galperin and Robert Beghian of Shortcovers and Michael Smith of the IPDF) discussed what EPUB means for Canadian publishers.

I’m going to leave the summary to my capable fellow bloggers Tim Middleton and Nic Boshart and instead focus here on the big question: Where Do You Go From Here. What’s your next step on your road to creating EPUBs?

If you have never created an EPUB file before in your life…grab an EPUB file (Feedbooks has a bunch of free ones. Change the .epub extension to .zip and open it just like you would open any zipped file. It’s not scary! Just take a look at the components and get a feel for how an EPUB file looks.

If you are ready for a slightly deeper dive…you can download the PDFXML Plug-in for free from Adobe if you create an Adobe account. Then you can play around with the formatting of an EPUB file and see how it looks on screen once edited.

If you want to start creating your own EPUB files…Check out eCub, bookworm and start playing around with turning it into an effective EPUB file.

Get your hands all EPUBby. It’s the best way to figure out how to create these files. After that, you can determine where and how they fit into your production strategy.