BNC SalesData Tip #2: Putting Early Preview Data within Your Purview

Getting access to your Peer-to-Peer data just got easier, not to mention up to 48 hours earlier!

Not sure what we mean by Peer-to-Peer data? A peer relationship in BNC SalesData allows a retailer to permit direct subscriber access to the retailer’s point of sale numbers for a subscriber’s own titles.

The new version of BNC SalesData includes quick and easy links to sales data as soon as a peer retailer’s POS files are loaded for the week.This means you can see retailer links appearing in the Status Box on the home page as early as Tuesday morning.

To access Early Preview Data, simply click through the link in the Status Box on the SalesData home page. This automatically returns a Top 100 report for the retailer; if you want to see more rows, you can refine the report and increase the number of rows being returned.

Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of the Early Preview feature:

  • Pay attention to the ‘week ending’ dates on your reports.Once a retailer’s data is posted to BNC SalesData in preview, reports parameters for those retailers will default to their newest week of data. All Market reports will default to the previous week of data until all retailers have been loaded and weekly processing is complete.
  • Consider asking additional retailers if you can access their peer data. Earlier availability of POS information from key outlets may be worth the additional investment.
  • Build and save reports for your Peer-to-Peer retailers. Set your report to email automaticallyautomated reports are sent as soon as data is loaded.
  • Accept that there may be occasional delays in Early Preview Data availability. Statutory holidays, technical issues, even staff illness can cause delays in individual retailer reporting times.

Have fun with your early data, and enjoy less stressful Thursday mornings!

Next week: Using the Create Report Form