Indigo to Launch Shortcovers

Indigo’s eReading venture, Shortcovers is set to launch at the end of the month. Over at Index//MB, Mark Bertils’ shares his first reactions.

The site will provide both online and mobile access to eBooksand looks like they will support ePub. It’s being driven by the changing habits of consumers, according to CIO Michael Serbinis’ blog:

People are reading on screens, more frequently, and in shorter sessions. They expect to be able to engage with the content, the author and other readers. They expect to be able to sample, not unlike browsing in a physical store. They are increasingly time starved, and time slicingbeing able to access media, and discover what they want, anytime & anyplace.

This idea is what gave rise to Shortcovers, a new digital destination we are launching in a few weeks.

Curious? Me too. I’m hoping all will be shared at the BNC Technology Forum in March when Michael Serbinis takes the stage.