Looking to EPUB?

For those publishes and authors out there who have thought about making a digital version of their work(s) available you might be interested in having a look at eCub

eCub offers a convenient way to import text and XHTML files and create all the necessary components of an EPUB file. It also makes it easy to view and edit files, and check the generated EPUB, using external tools.

To summarize, this is what eCub does:

  • Creates unencrypted EPUB files from text or XHTML files
  • Can be used in portable mode (data and settings are stored locally)
  • Can be run from the command line as part of a build script
  • Optionally creates title, content and cover pages
  • Helps you create a simple cover design image
  • Allows editing of the text or XHTML files with a simple internal editor or designated external editors
  • Creates MobiPocket files if you have the mobigen application

It is free and available for most operating systems.