Lonely Planet on Nokia

If you are one of those other people who use one of those other phones, namely Nokia, then you may have had occasion to use Nokia Maps.

The Finnish manufacturer officially launched it’s full version of the navigation software back in May. Maps (2.0 naturally), offers a comfortable and precise navigation for drivers, has a fixed interface, navigation with additional arrows, bird’s eye and satellite views and different kinds of pre-planned detours.

The pedestrian navigation, which helps navigation with visuals too, follows your direction with the help of both the satellites and the built-in compass (if present) and continuously displays information about surrounding buildings, parks.

In 17 cities you can access the bus and subway routes and stops. The satellite views, the preview pictures of hotels and squares and voice and video presentations (as a separate option) all help orientation. Nokia Maps 2.0’s Navteq- and TeleAtlas-based database stores information about 200 countries, in 70 of which route planning is supported.

Well enough of the tech-e babble. The real reason this blog post is here is to highlight the fact that Lonely Planet is to make its books content available via Nokia Maps. Travellers will be able to purchase and download the publisher’s city guides for £5.99 (I say that is a bit pricey) on their Nokia phones.

“Lonely Planet is a well-known brand among travellers and stands for adventure and editorial independence,” said Maximilian Schierstadt, head of media partnerships, Nokia context-based services. “We are very excited to offer their expert local recommendations and itineraries to our Nokia Maps consumers.”

Stephen Palmer, c.e.o of Lonely Planet Publications, added: “This deal makes Lonely Planet content available regardless of time or place. It will help answer all those questions which travellers frequently have, such as ‘What should I explore today?’, or ‘Where should I go for dinner tonight?’”

Now if only you could get a little robot to carry your backpack for you!