Obsessive Email Checking, Meet the Classics

Got a bad case of the connection jitters? Having one of those days where you spend precious seconds every few minutes checking your email/blackberry/rss only to get nothing but invites from Nigerian royalty to partake in vast sums of latent wealth with only some money down?

Daily Lit offers a cure for those I-can’t-believe-I-just-spent-10-minutes-searching -for-wireless-for-this-crap days: free book bits delivered to you daily (or more often, depending on how quickly you breeze through Tolstoy). Public domain and other free e-books are parcelled up and delivered to you once a day either via email or RSS.

New on Daily Lit is a similar feed for Wikipedia pages…a cool way to brush up on the fine points on Hindu gods, French articles or Swedish meatballs. Hey, I’m just saying…it’s Wikipedia. Is anything not in there?