HTML to EPUB in One Easy Step

Are you a publisher on a tight budget? Have you wondered what the heck all this EPUB conversion lingo is about? Are you hoping to leverage your paper based content to turn it into the next great e-potential sales boost for your house? Are you wondering what I am getting at? Well two things really.

  1. The IDPF e-book standard, and
  2. The BookGlutton’s free (yes free) EPUB converter

IDPF is the organization behind the effort to standardize ebook packaging, the standard is called EPUB. It can be a bit unwieldy to say the least. Enter BookGlutton and the HTML to EPUB conversion tool. You can take any (X)HTML markup page and convert it into EPUB format in the blink of an eye. Development is ongoing and currently images and CSS are not supported which is sort of unfortunate, but keep your eye on this API for new features. For a quick tutorial and some keen insight check out Keith Fahlgren over at the O’Reilly TOC blog.

BookGlutten API>>