PubFight in the News

PersonaNonData interviews our very own CEO, Michael Tamblyn, about the past, present and future of PubFighting in Canada (and beyond?).

In the spirit of reminiscing, here’s what I’ve learned from the first, spectacular, public PubFight season:

  1. The past is not always the best predictor of the future: sometimes lightning doesn’t strike twice. An incredibly successful offering one year does not necessary anoint the next book with similar popularity so look closely at the trends shaping demand this year before assuming (and spending!).
  2. Pay attention to sales cycles: got a hot literary fiction title? Make sure you’ve got fake stock there RIGHT AWAY. The first couple of weeks can make a big difference to your bottom line. Do your homework on sales arcs for different kinds of books and make sure your print runs work with the curve.
  3. Have a network of experts: ask your teachers, your friends, your colleagues and your booknerd friends what they think is going to big, what they’ve seen in the past and what’s taking off as the holiday season approaches. It’s not cheating, it’s consulting.
  4. Be merry: believe in your list and then take the hits with good cheer. Next year, you might be the one with the sleeper hit that’s selling like hotcakes with gold edging. Remember, last place is first place if you stand on your head. And standing on your head is fun. So, last place is fun.

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