O'Reilly Webcast: What Publishers Need to Know About Digitization

On Wednesday, November 12 (day after the Giller/Giller Light for all those book award lovers in the crowd), O’Reilly is offering the second in a series of live webcasts from O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing.

No prior experience with digitization is assumed in this friendly and accessible overview of the conversion process. We’ll start from the beginning: what’s XML and do you need it? What’s the cost-benefit analysis versus PDF or other formats? From there we’ll tell you what you need to look for in selecting a vendor and how to watch out for hidden costs. We’ll tackle issues of control and lock-in versus cost savings: should you partner with Google, Amazon, or a centralized platform, or go on your own? Finally, we’ll brainstorm some ideas on how to monetize your digital offerings, from opening up your backlist to syndicating content on the Web.

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