The Next Big Things—David Pogue at DMC

Next Big Things:

  • list errands/stuff you want people to do for you; users bid on your unwanted job and you hire them
  • hooking up good ideas with micro-investors
  • loans to people in third world countries
  • car-pooling with strangers
  • e-petitions: anyone can start petition about anything
  • micro-reviews of resorts
  • map of how has what across the country

Big challenges for online marketers:

  • Fear of losing control of message or brand
  • Fear of the mob/commentsmoderate comments
  • Fear of resources
  • Fear of being smeared by bloggers

Response: you can do it with little resources and generate positive response. It’s about the ideas. Three kinds of blogs: personal, news and institutional…let your people write a blog for your company even if it’s not polished or completely on-message.

Challenges: copyright; things can be made public even if you don’t want it to; you can’t contain it; if you trick your customers, they will never believe you again

Dealing with blogging abuse problem: Tim O’Reilly says what about a blogger code of ethics with a public badge that can be displayed on site?; Amazon’s review of reviewers; Rating the commenters and allowing for filter of low rated comments (i.e. SlashDot)

Missed Opportunities: let customers meet the people that work at your company; employee cubicle videos; design prototypes; customer submissions (ads)