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Canadian Book Sales in Q1 2013

BNC SalesData: Report on Canadian Book Sales

F2013 Q1 (January – March 2013)

TORONTO – June 20, 2013 – In the first quarter of 2013, the overall print market was down in both volume and value. All categories were in decline but this quarter, it was juvenile books that dipped the lowest.

Total market (All):
Volume: -10.89%
Value: -11.19%

Fiction (All):
Volume: -10.69%
Value: -6.03%

Non-Fiction (All):
Volume: -10.30%
Value: -10.54%

Juvenile (All):
Volume: -12.73%
Value: -20.83%

“In Q1 last year, the Hunger Games series was still having a huge impact on the market in general, let alone the juvenile market,” said BookNet Canada President and CEO Noah Genner. “This year, the first quarter’s biggest juvenile books haven’t been able to match that.”

The lack of comprehensive ebook sales tracking in Canada makes it difficult to speculate on the effect ebooks are having on print books, but BookNet Canada’s market research indicates that the Canadian ebook market remained steady in Q1, at 17% of book purchases.

All the print-book figures have been drawn from BookNet Canada’s national English-language book sales tracking system, BNC SalesData, using the year-over-year sales from a fixed panel of 665 retail locations from across the country.

We maintain this 665-store subset of our 2,500 reporting stores, also known as a ring fence, which includes only stores that have been contributing data since 06-07. These are the only stores we look at for year-over-year comparisons. Any stores that have been added since 2007 are excluded from year-over-year calculations. This means that the addition of new stores in the past four years is not a factor in any reported change in market performance.

BNC SalesData tracks approximately 85% of the Canadian print book market with data from over 2,500 retail sources, including chains, independents, online, college/university stores, and non-traditional bookstores, such as specialty and discount stores.

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