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Juvenile Sees Big Lift in Q2 of 2009

BNC SalesData: Report On Canadian Book Sales

F2009 Q2 (April – June 2009)

TORONTO July 15, 2009 - For the second quarter of 2009, volume was relatively flat while value was up slightly overall with significant increases for Juvenile. Non-fiction was down in both volume and value compared to Q2 of 2008 while Fiction is up slightly in both units and dollars.

Total market (All):
Volume: +1.41%
Value: +3.15%

Fiction (All):
Volume: +2.79%
Value: +3.87%

Non-Fiction (All):
Volume: -11.84%
Value: -9.07%

Juvenile (All):
Volume: +14.50%
Value: +30.64%

All figures for this report have been drawn from BookNet Canada’s national book sales tracking system, BNC SalesData, using the year-over-year sales from a fixed panel of 665 retail locations from across the country.

We maintain this 665-store subset of our 1100 reporting stores, also known as a ring fence, which includes only stores that have been contributing data since 06-07. These are the only stores we look at for year-over-year comparisons. Any stores that have been added since 2007 are excluded from year-over-year calculations. This means that the addition of new stores in the past two years is not a factor in any reported change in market performance.

BNC SalesData tracks approximately 75% of the Canadian book market with data from over 1,000 retail sources, including chains, independents, online, college/university stores, and non-traditional bookstores, such as specialty and discount stores.

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