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A Revolution in Canadian Bookselling

A Revolution in Bookselling (Surprise: It’s Canadian!)

TORONTO February 28, 2008 – Think ‘Canadian’, ‘innovation’, and ‘bookselling’ are a three-way contradiction in terms? On Thursday, March 6, 2008, Todd Anderson will address the BookNet Canada Technology Forum, describing how the University of Alberta Bookstore is making waves after becoming the only campus bookstore in the world with a Print-On-Demand Espresso Book Machine.

Since acquiring one of five existing Espresso Book Machines last November, the University of Alberta Bookstore has been creating bound books to order in mere minutes: no shipping, no delay and almost unlimited choice (with no need for shelf space).

“The U of A experience isn’t just about installing a new piece of technology. It’s about embracing innovation and taking some risks. It’s about imagining new possibilities for books, readers, and the tradition of bookselling,” said BookNet Canada CEO Michael Tamblyn.

At the BNC Technology Forum on Thursday, March 6, Todd Anderson will address the big issues, including:

  • Are consumers ready for a brand new kind of bookstore?
  • Is print on demand the answer to a small publisher’s wildest dream?
  • How is the Espresso Book Machine helping to lessen the carbon footprint of the book industry?

Espresso in Action: A POD Case Study will run from 1:00 – 1:45 pm at the BNC Technology Forum 2008: Harnessing Digital Opportunity on Thursday, March 6, 2008 at the Delta Chelsea Hotel in Toronto, ON.


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