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Giller Prize Statistics Available

Giller Prize Statistics Available

Last year’s Scotiabank Giller Prize winner, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, saw a 464% increase in sales in the week following the announcement and remained in the Top 100 books for more than 7 months after the prize was awarded as tracked by BNC SalesData. The five 2007 long list nominees saw an average increase in sales of 390% after the announcement was made while the 2006 short list jumped by an average of 597%.

The Scotiabank Giller Prize has become one of the most significant drivers of book sales for Canadian publishers and one of Canada’s best-known cultural events. In the weeks before the Giller is announced, speculation about the winner and analysis of the short list is widespread.

BookNet Canada’s BNC SalesData is Canada’s only national sales data tracking service. The sales data we compile is updated weekly. Real numbers are a great way to back up buzz or to flesh out profile and speculative pieces. Statistics available include:

  • Relative rankings for short list nominees.
  • Percent increase in sales after short list nominations were announced.
  • Ranking of relative sales increase for nominees.
  • Per title percent sales changes in the weeks before the prize is announced.
  • Comparative data from 2005 and 2006 for nominees and winners.

Other percentage changes and relative rankings may be available upon request.

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