Tech Forum and ebookcraft schedule release

Today's the day, the day we release the full schedules for ebookcraft workshops, ebookcraft main day, and Tech Forum! Commence rejoicing! 

Check out all the sessions, scope out the breaks, imagine yourself eating all the delicious cookies, and notice the newly added Meet 'n' Code after the ebookcraft workshop day — a time to get together with fellow attendees, eat snacks, and work on your So You Think You Can Code contest entries.

Once you've studied the schedule, you can print it, tweet or Facebook the sessions you're interested in, or log in to make your own personalized schedule.

But that's not all, we're also announcing the last round of speakers we'll be bringing to Tech Forum and ebookcraft. Here they are:

ebookcraft sessions and speakers

Coders: The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World

Photo of Clive Thompson

Clive Thompson, journalist and author

Facebook’s algorithms shaping the news. The literature of our time mediated through e-readers. Revolution on Twitter and romance on Tinder. We live in a world constructed of code — and coders are the ones who built it. Acclaimed tech writer Clive Thompson is here to share a brilliant anthropological reckoning with the most powerful tribe in the world today: computer programmers. Clive will pick up the thread of his own long-abandoned coding skills as he reckons with what superb programming looks like; ponders the morality and politics of code, including its implications for civic life and the economy; and wrestles with the major controversies of our era, from the “disruption” fetish of Silicon Valley to the struggle for inclusion by marginalized groups. To understand the world today, we need to understand code and its consequences. Clive will give us a definitive look into the heart of the machine.

The User’s Perspective: Accessibility Features in Action

Photos of Daniella Levy-Pinto, Steve Murgaski, Ka Li, and Karoline Bourdeau.

Daniella Levy-Pinto, Accessibility Tester, National Network for Equitable Library Service, Steve Murgaski, Production Team, National Network for Equitable Library Service, Ka Li, Accessibility and Usability Consultant, National Network for Equitable Library Service, and Karoline Bourdeau, Accessibility Tester, National Network for Equitable Library Service 

Get a firsthand look at how an ebook’s accessibility features are used by people with print disabilities. Accessibility testers Karoline Bourdeau, Daniella Levy-Pinto, Ka Li, and Steve Murgaski from the National Network for Equitable Library Service have generously donated their time to show ebookcraft attendees how ebooks are used (or can’t be used) in real life.

Tech Forum sessions and speakers

Case Study: Penguin Random House Canada’s Audiobook Program

Photos of Ann Jansen and Zalina Alvi.

Marion Garner, Deputy Publisher, Penguin Random House Canada, Ann Jansen, Director, Audiobook Production, Penguin Random House Canada, and Zalina Alvi, Marketing & Communications Manager, BookNet Canada

Join Penguin Random House Canada’s Marion Garner, Deputy Publisher, and Ann Jansen, Director of Audiobook Production, to celebrate and revisit 18 months of made-in-Canada audiobooks. Learn how PRHC adopted an audio-first strategy to release audio content simultaneously with print and digital editions, using Canadian acting talent for Canadian-authored books, while recording in studios both in-office and across the country. Marion and Ann will discuss the pains and successes experienced in securing in-house buy-in, liaising with traditionally print-focused departments, and developing manageable workflows as they discuss their plans for the future of PRHC’s audiobook program. This wide-ranging conversation will be moderated by BookNet’s Zalina Alvi.

Diversity in Canadian Book Publishing: Findings from the ACP’s 2018 Baseline Survey

Photo of Kate Edwards.

Kate Edwards, Executive Director, Association of Canadian Publishers

Over the summer of 2018, the Association of Canadian Publishers conducted a baseline survey to measure the diversity of the Canadian book publishing workforce. This session will share highlights of the survey’s findings, identify existing initiatives that are building inclusive workplaces, and explore possibilities for future efforts in this area.

Don't forget that registration ends on March 8. So be sure to get your tickets soon.