Podcast: Shoot for the Moon awards for underrepresented writers

Rahim Ladha on a gigantic red tricycle in front of the Walter Carsen Centre/National Ballet of Canada (Photo: Sabrina Ayton)

As part of his mission to make sure artists are financially supported, Toronto-based fundraising consultant Rahim Ladha has taken it upon himself to fund and award three new cash prizes for underrepresented writers in Canada, ranging from poets who are BIPOC to non-binary illustrators working in Science Fiction & Fantasy. In this month's episode, we talk to Rahim about his intentions for the monthly/quarterly awards, how it's going so far, and his plans for growing the program.

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Full details on the Spark, Nova, and Echo awards, including eligibility and how to get in touch with Rahim, can be found at shootforthemoon.art. The 'racism in CanLit' article that Rahim mentions in the episode can be found at yilinwang.com/racism-in-canlit.