Podcast: Highlights from Tech Forum & ebookcraft 2018

In this month's podcast, we're looking back at our biggest book-publishing-meets-technology conference ever. From March 21-23, 2018, hundreds of professionals from across the industry, from ebook developers to librarians, converged in Toronto for Tech Forum and ebookcraft to share, learn, and debate the future of the industry.

We've put together a highlight reel from some of our favourite talks (though they were all amazing), with insights on topics like metadata for ebooks, how retailers are bridging the digital divide, some great moments from our women in publishing panel, and lots more.

Talks highlighted:
1:00 - Dave Cramer (Hachette), "Jiminy and Dave's Excellent CSS Adventure"
2:30 - Rose Donohoo (OverDrive), "Oh the Places Ebooks Go! An ebook's journey from creation to circulation"
3:30 - Noah Genner (BookNet Canada), "How We Read Digitally: ebookcraft 2018 research study"
4:25 - Monique Mongeon (BookNet Canada), "How We Read Digitally: ebookcraft 2018 research study"
5:12 - Ellen Ullman (Life in Code), "Ellen Ullman in Conversation"
7:38 - Scaachi Koul (Buzzfeed), "Women in Publishing Panel"
10:52 - Bhavna Chauhan (Penguin Random House Canada), "Women in Publishing Panel"
12:50 - Joshua Tallent (Firebrand Technologies), "Backlist Keywords"
14:30 - Jennifer Haines (The Dragon), "Retailers Bridging the Digital Divide"
15:08 - Serah-Marie McMahon (TYPE Books), "Retailers Bridging the Digital Divide"
15:49 - Noah Genner (BookNet Canada), "State of the Publishing Nation 2018"
16:22: - Jon Fleming (Audible), Reka Rubin (Harlequin), Nastaran Bisheban (Kobo), "Audio-First Publishing Panel"
18:35 - Jessamyn C. West (Randolph Technical Career Center), "Libraries Bridging the Digital Divide"

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