Tech Forum and ebookcraft 2018: Last speaker announcement

It's here, our last announcement of ebookcraft and Tech Forum 2018 speakers. While we get the final schedule all polished up and ready to release next week, you can see the full list of speakers and sessions on the website.

As you may have heard, tickets for Tech Forum have sold out! But we do still have remaining tickets for ebookcraft, both the workshop and main day events. So if you don't want to miss out on the conference that one attendee called “Full of enthusiasm—accessible, comfortable, practical, inspiring,” you'd best register soon! Registration closes on March 12.

ebookcraft 2018 sessions and speakers

How We Read Digitally: 2018 ebookcraft Research Study

Photo of Noah Genner.

Noah Genner has an extensive background in independent bookselling, software, and business development. As the leader of BookNet Canada he orchestrates a skilled team of technical, policy-oriented, and client-focused staff to provide new data management services and supply-chain initiatives to the Canadian publishing, library, and book retail sectors.

Before working at BookNet Canada, Noah ran his own technology and software development consulting business, servicing a wide range of clients including book publishers and printers. Prior to that, Noah was Director of Software Development for consumer market research leader Compusense where he oversaw the development of a variety of software services used by numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Noah serves on the Board of Directors of the Book Industry Study Group, eBOUND Canada, Livres Canada Books, and EDItEUR.

Photo of Monique Mongeon.

Monique Mongeon has always been fascinated with the intersection of books and technology – from her start making fansites for her favourite books, to her current role as Project Manager at BookNet Canada. Monique also teaches ebook production at Ryerson University’s Chang School. Prior to joining BookNet, Monique worked in ebook production for Penguin Random House Canada.

So You Think You Can Code 2018 judges

Photos of the So You Think You Can Code judges.

Naomi Kennedy is the Senior Manager for Ebook Development at Penguin Random House. A master at process automation, she's charged with developing tools to improve Penguin Random House's eBook production workflow and helping others with their ebook woes. Previously, she worked for New York University Press after completing a MA in Economics from the University of St. Andrews and a MSc in Publishing from New York University. You can follow her adventures in knitting and cat adoration on Instagram.

Monique Mongeon has always been fascinated with the intersection of books and technology – from her start making fansites for her favourite books, to her current role as Project Manager at BookNet Canada. Monique also teaches ebook production at Ryerson University’s Chang School. Prior to joining BookNet, Monique worked in ebook production for Penguin Random House Canada.

Joshua Tallent, the Director of Outreach and Education at Firebrand Technologies, is dedicated to helping publishers around the world create better books. In addition to heading up training and outreach efforts within Firebrand, Joshua serves on multiple industry committees and working groups and teaches at publishing conferences year-round. He also leads the development of FlightDeck, the most robust EPUB quality assurance tool available.

Tech Forum 2018 sessions and speakers

Building In-House Momentum for Diverse Books

(see the previously announced panelists at the link)

Photo of Hazel Millar.

Hazel Millar is the Co-publisher at Book*hug, an independent literary press based in Toronto. An avid reader, Hazel is rarely without a book. She is also the current Vice Chair of the Board of the Literary Press Group of Canada and sits on several other literary boards and advisory committees. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Jay MillAR, aka, the other half of Book*hug, their two sons, and a very cool calico cat named Tess.


Photo of Synora Van Drine.

Synora Van Drine is Sales Manager at Dundurn. Before making her way to Toronto, she worked in a number of major markets around the world, including Mumbai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, and Toronto. Her previous roles include journalist, public relations consultant, and marketing specialist.

Curation vs. Saturation in a World of All-You-Can-Read Subscription Models

Photo of Nathan Hull.

Nathan Hull is Chief Commercial & Content Officer at Bookchoice, a curated digital book boutique offering eight ebooks and audiobooks per month for an affordable flat rate; all skillfully curated in-house to attract new readers via brand partnerships. Having recently launched in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, UK, Eire, South Africa, and Australia as well as their Dutch homeland, Nathan manages the company’s international expansion with a focus on the platform’s content and commercial partnership deals.

Previously, Nathan was Chief Business Development Officer at Mofibo, Scandinavia’s leading ebook subscription model, prior to its acquisition. Most notably Nathan was Penguin Random House’s Digital Product Director, with strategic responsibility for its digital portfolio and innovation strategy working closely with the likes of Stephen Fry, Jamie Oliver, Jeff Kinney, and Roald Dahl’s estate.

Prior to publishing, Nathan managed several international bands and was Universal Music’s senior digital marketing manager executing the original deals and partnerships with the likes of Spotify, Sky, and Playstation for acts ranging from the Rolling Stones to U2.

Nathan’s previous speaking engagements in over 24 countries have included SXSW, the United Nations, and St Petersburg International Media Forum.

Panel: The Future will not be Silent: Audio-first publishing

(see the previously announced panelists at the link)

Photo of Jon Fleming.

Jon Fleming is VP and County Manager for Audible Canada, the leading provider of premium digital spoken word content in the world. In September 2017, Jon led the launch of, offering Canadians the largest catalog of best-selling audiobooks, original programming and specially curated Canadian content. Jon manages the continued growth of, including strategy, marketing, operations, partnerships, content acquisition, and programming development.

Jon brings more than 30 years of leadership and management experience in technology industries, including wireless telecommunications, media, and software development. Before joining Audible, Jon led business development efforts for Amazon Video Advertising, Amazon Mobile, and Amazon Payments, and launched Amazon’s Appstore for Android, leading content strategy and acquisition. Jon also led business development for Windows Mobile at Microsoft. He has extensive international experience, building and leading teams in Latin America, Western and Central Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Fleming is a decorated US Marine Corps officer and aviator.

Jon holds a BA from James Madison University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Loan Stars Turns Two: Impacts and opportunities

Photo of Elizabeth Barker.

Elizabeth Barker: marketer, library power-user, metadata nerd. As a member of the BookNet Canada team, Elizabeth is able to spend her days doing what she loves: working closely with libraries and publishers. Previously the Marketing & Sales Coordinator at eBOUND Canada, Elizabeth is thrilled to now be taking part in the Loan Stars and CataList projects. When not making/seeking reading recommendations, Elizabeth can be found wherever an absurd amount of pop culture knowledge is needed.

New from BookNet Canada: BNC BiblioShare

Photo of Tim Middleton.

Tim Middleton is a Project Manager & Retailer Liaison at BookNet Canada. With a passion for startup culture, entrepreneurial enterprises, and disruptive technology ignited by a varied career in retail and consumer research, all things bookish remain his first and true love.

BookNet headshots are by Yvonne Bambrick in front of Gordon Rayner's 1968 painting "Colour Swirl."