"Hi, everybody!"


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Barker. You may remember me from such other publishing positions as Marketing & Sales Coordinator at eBOUND CanadaIntern #1 at Second Story Press, and Summer Intern, Between the Lines.

Photo of Elizabeth Barker.

Today, I’m here to talk to you about BookNet’s newest Project Coordinator… who is also me.

I'm beyond thrilled to be a part of BookNet Canada. As a longtime admirer, the transition from fangirl to team member has been a bit surreal. I have to remember to use my words and not my squeals. Fun fact: Pterodactyl noises are not the best way to answer the phone — or to start emails (the spelling is impossible). 

I'll be working primarily on the Loan Stars project, with a bit of CataList on the side, and some ebookcraft for nostalgia (hope to see you all there!). If you're wondering what qualifies me to work on such great projects, here are my publishing credentials: 

Photo of Tabitha, the tabby.
  • Books: I enjoy whodunits and historical non-fiction. If anyone knows/loves Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe series, please contact me so we can be best friends forever.
  • Pet: Tabitha, a tabby (visual evidence to the right).
  • Fandoms: Almost all of them? I somehow spend my time having conversations that range from Blue Jays trade speculations to the merit of the Trade Federation's policies in Star Wars (which really happened — it still did not justify the prequels). I LOVE bad movies and have founded two clubs dedicated to, uh, commenting on them. I also founded a knitting society in university, but that's a whole other story. Otherwise, I try to get outside, see people, do things, not be cold.

I look forward to working with a wide range of wonderful publishing, retailer, and library professionals. If you fall into one of these categories, expect a few emails filled with slightly outdated cultural references and plenty of GIFs.