New developments for the BookNet staff

Ben Farrall

I'm Ben, the latest Software Developer around the office here at BookNet Canada. Come say hello — we aren't all introverted clichés hiding behind our monitors! I've come a long way to get here, roughly 3,317 miles, all the way from bonnie Edinburgh. Or, if you want to sound like the locals, Edinbraaaagh

I've spent most of my career in the slightly stuffy financial industry, so I'm definitely ready try something new and interesting! I'm certain BookNet Canada and its amazing team is just the place for it. I'm excited to get started!

Of course, I love a good book, and my interest in sci-fi is a big influence. I tend to get lost in sci-fi/fantasy fictions, such as Tolkien, Lovecraft, and Herbert. I especially like to listen on the go, so I've always got an audiobook on my digital shelf. Top tip: Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones to really help bring the story to life.

Besides that, you'll find me going to gigs (Queens of the Stone Age was a recent favourite!), bingeing on TV shows, gaming, running along the waterfront (or trying to!), and always looking out for the next best ramen place! Oh, and I have a feisty Scottish cat to keep me in line, too. She's pretty good at boxing and she’s probably drinking a whisky as we speak…