Ready to conquer Authors for Indies?

This Saturday, April 29 is Authors for Indies, a day to head out to local indie bookstores for some fantastic fun.

But what do you need to bring? How should you prepare? We've got you covered. We'll get you ready to conquer Authors for Indies this year!

Make a game plan

Check to see which stores are participating. Then find out when and where your favourite authors will be hanging out. Check to see which stores are having events and when and whether they're offering any swag. These are all factors that should go into your master plan. Don't forget to bring your "want to read" booklist with you!

Pack some sustenance

Keep up your energy with water and snacks. Or, in the game plan step above, you can map out local patisseries and coffee shops near the bookstores where you can grab some grub, and maybe even crack open one of your new books!

A strong bag

Speaking of all those books, let's be honest with ourselves. We all know you will inevitably cave and buy lots of books. Don't underestimate this and bring only a small bag. Look inward, recognize this fact, and bring along the biggest and strongest bag you can find!

Phone and charger

It's almost essential that you have your phone and that it's fully charged so you can share a selfie with your favourite authors and follow the goings-on with #AFI2017. Maybe you need to coordinate with friends you'll be meeting up with. Or maybe you'll need it at the end of the day to call a cab that will take you and your book loot home.

Good shoes

Between pounding the pavement to get from one store to another, to scouring the shelves with volunteering authors, you're going to be on your feet a lot. Be nice to them and wear comfy shoes.

What else would you suggest is essential in the quest to conquer Authors for Indies? Leave your gear or tips in the comments!