Who is the Fantasy book buyer?

Grab a seat and warm up by the dragon fire, because we're back with our sixth Deep Dive study! We're serving up a fresh batch of statistics on the Fantasy book buyer to give you a hand in identifying who they are, what their habits are, online and off, and where they buy their books.

For those unfamiliar with our Deep Dive series, we've combined sales data from the national print trade market with insights from our consumer surveying to provide in-depth look at some of Canada's bestselling genres. On top of our sales trends analysis, each study looks at the specific book buyer to identify:

  • what non-book-related activities they do in a typical month;
  • how they make their purchasing decisions – impulse purchasers vs. planners;
  • how often they read a given format;
  • and so much more!

To give you a taste of our Deep Dive: The Fantasy Book Buyer report, we've highlighted some exciting facts in this handy infographic.

Infographic for Fantasy Deep Dive study. See below for all the information contained within.

We found it interesting that there are almost as many Fantasy buyers buying their books at chain bookstores (32%) as there are those buying online (32%); digital downloads and indie bookstores take much lower market share at 9% and 6%, respectively. 

Fantasy book buyers also prefer the paperback format to any other format. Their purchases are 55% paperbacks, 25% ebooks, 18% hardcovers, and only 3% audiobooks.

And we'll leave you with one last fun fact: Out of the top 10 bestselling Fantasy authors in Canada for 2015-2016, three had the first name Terry. We're not saying you have to change your name to find success in the Fantasy category, but the name Terry sure worked out for Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind, and Terry Pratchett.

Take a more in-depth look at the study in this sample.

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