PubFight 2016: The People's Choice Poll results

At the beginning of August, we presented you with the titles that went for top dollar in BookNet's 2016 Fakefurt auction and asked you to vote for the ones you thought would sweep the fall season. The results were pretty close, particularly for fiction, but ultimately you nominated three titles as your fiction, non-fiction, and juvenile champions:

Your top picks were no slouches: In fiction, Margaret Atwood's Hag-seed came out on top while most of the remaining titles battled for second place—stiff competition indeed. In non-fiction, Wayne Gretzky's 99: Stories of the Game took your votes by a landslide, proving that The Great One could definitely pull in the bulk of the sales this fall. In juvenile, it seems Jeff Kinney is still the crowd favourite despite now being 11 books deep into his Wimpy Kid series, although there was also a lot of interest in The Darkest Dark, an intriguing picture book authored by Commander Chris Hadfield and illustrated by the very talented Fan brothers.

Whether you're in a PubFight league or just a casual observer, join us in watching the progress of the fall publishing season to see if your powers of prediction are spot on. Keep an eye on the bestseller lists and we'll report on the top-selling books at the close of the PubFight season in January 2017.