Ebookcraft: We've got more speaker announcements and #SYTYCC

Fresh off the excitement of announcing all the talent we just added to the Tech Forum 2016 lineup, including revealing one of our keynote speakers, we're moving on to more action-packed ebookcraft speaker and workshop announcements than we know what to do with! Check out who's coming to ebookcraft

Iris Amelia Febres is a digital publishing maven, carrying experience in ebook production, conversion, and quality assurance. Her previous work has focused on helping publishers transform content for electronic environments, particularly iPads and Kindles, as well as investigating ways content can be accessed through evolving digital platforms. She also serves as president of Bookbuilders of Boston, an industry organization dedicated to connecting and educating publishing professionals. With Bookbuilders, she oversees numerous community events, such as the Annual New England Book Show and the New England Publishing Collaboration Awards.

Greg Albers is the Digital Publications Manager at Getty Publications, and is currently interested in static-site HTML book generation and getting editors and authors into GitHub. He has spoken extensively about digital publishing and culture for the Museum Computer Network, Art Libraries Society of North America, the National Museum Publishing Seminar, Books in Browsers, and more. Prior to joining the Getty, Albers was the founder and publisher of Hol Art Books, the creator of the People's E-Book, and a lead contributor to "Beyond the Printed Page".

Sanders Kleinfeld is Director of Publishing Technology at O’Reilly Media, where he focuses on R&D of next-generation publishing tools, workflows, and ebook content. At O'Reilly, he developed HTMLBook, a specification for authoring print and electronic book content natively in HTML5. Sanders is the author of HTML5 for Publishers (O’Reilly, 2011).

Tzviya Siegman is Wiley’s Digital Book Standards and Capabilities Lead. She began her career at Wiley in editorial and content development, before shifting over to the content technology group. Tzviya wrote and maintained Wiley’s ebook specifications and stylesheets and serves as Wiley’s liaison to publishing industry groups including IDPF, BISG, and W3C. Tzviya most recently joined Wiley’s Information Modeling Group, joining her interests in content structure, standards, and linked data. Tzviya co-chairs the W3C Digital Publishing Interest Group and the EPUB 3.1 working group, helping to make the web and books better friends.

Dave Cramer has been making ebooks for 15 years and complaining about ebook standards for nearly as long. He was co-editor of the IDPF specification on fixed-layout ebooks, but in recent years has become heavily involved with the W3C and web standards, editing several specs for the CSS Working Group, and writing “Requirements for Latin Text Layout and Pagination” for the Digital Publishing Interest Group. When not doing standards work, Dave writes XSL, works on typesetting with HTML+CSS, hunts for interesting information in mountains of XML files, and skis up and down literal mountains, preferably in Canada. He dreams of bringing the rich history of print design and typography to ebooks and the web.

Not only are we excited to host all this talent in one conference but here is a sneak preview of some of the panels and sessions you can expect:

  • The Ebook Developer's Toolbox
  • The Art of Storyboarding
  • Papercasting User Experience in Interactive Ebooks
  • CSS3 Animation and Artful Storytelling
  • When Nothing Ever Goes Out of Print: Maintaining Backlist Ebooks

Did we also mention that we have workshop announcements from some of these incredible professionals? Because we do:

Pilar Wyman, Chief Indexer, Wyman Indexing, has been writing indexes as a successful freelancer and consultant for over 25 years, since 1990. She works in English, Spanish, and French in public health, clinical medicine, med-tech, and other areas of personal interest. She has published numerous articles and other works on indexing, and gives presentations and workshops as time allows. A past president of ASI, she is currently a member of the ASI DTTF task force, Chair of the ASI Publications Committee, and the ASI International Representative.

Derrick Schultz is a designer, developer, and artist working at the intersections of technology and storytelling. He is currently Lead Product Designer at the New York Times. Derrick collaborates with a team of designers, technologists, and newsroom staff to create the best user experience for Times readers. Prior to his work at the Times, Derrick was a designer and developer at Atavist, Atavist Books, and Open Air Publishing where he created genre-bending and award-winning digital reading products.

Colleen Cunningham is the Senior Technical Production Specialist at F+W, a Content and eCommerce Company. From production layout artist to book designer to ebook developer, her career has spanned an exciting time in book publishing. Working in a CMS encompasses all of these interests and more, including editing and content repurposing. She enjoys demonstrating to her colleagues how they can also adapt to and thrive in this modern workflow. A member of AIGA and Bookbuilders of Boston, she has presented at the Minnesota Book Publisher's Roundtable, Tech Forum's ebookcraft, Digital Book World Conference, HOW Design Conference, Boston InDesign User Group, Emerson College, and the Massachusetts College of Art. You can find her hanging out with the #eprdctn group on Twitter as@BookDesignGirl.

They'll be bringing you full workshops on:

  • Digital Typography: Font Management
  • Javascripting for Ebook Developers
  • Indexing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Accessibility
  • The CMS Workflow

If you were watching the blog earlier this week you will remember that we also announced a new design contest: So You Think You Can Code, which promises to be an unmissable, digital throw-down between some of the most incredible ebook designers our industry can call its own. Make sure you sign up if you want industry bragging rights, not to mention fabulous prizes. Check out the full list of speakers, and don't forget to registerEarly-bird pricing for ebookcraft will fly the coop Jan. 23.