8 reasons you shouldn't miss out on Tech Forum and ebookcraft

We've debuted some of our talented speakers, and released a slew of sessions, but have we really done enough to persuade you that Tech Forum and ebookcraft are the must-attend events of 2016? Time was ticking down to the end of early-bird registration, but in fact we've decided to extend the deadline! You now have until Jan. 31 to reap the rewards of those sweet savings (register here!). With this extra week, we thought we'd harken back to past years to show you why this three-day conference is the event to be at.

The snacks are always on point

After 10 years, Tech Forum is starting to be known for its exceptional taste in snacks. Last year, our Data (not to be confused with data) cookies were all the rage on social media and so popular that we still see tweets about them. We can't reveal any secrets just yet, but there have been some crazy snack rumours flying around the office: cookies, cakes, donuts, make-your-own sundaes... who knows? We'll let your imagination do the walking and the snacks at TF 2016 do the talking.

Witness ideas ranging from the weird to the wonderful

Need tips on how to survive the ebookalypse? We've had a panel on it. Does your workplace experience a cultural rift between its digital-savvy employees and those who like to kick it old school? We've had a panel on it. Who the heck are millennials and why do we keep trying to throw books at them? Get ready for some insight into that at Tech Forum 2016. Diversity? Kaya Thomas, creator of the app We Read Too, is going to drop some knowledge about the equalizing power of technology on April 1. Any workshop or panel you have ever needed or wanted to produce stunning ebooks? We have two full days of that. With so many brilliant industry professionals milling about in one conference, ideas are just generated in the cumulus cloud of forward-thinking publishing people, and you will return to work feeling inspired and creative. 

Super sneaky projects are sometimes announced

Tech Forum has a pretty exciting history of apps and start-ups kicking off during the conference. If anyone can remember far back enough, you might remember Michael Serbinis once launching a little something called Softcovers, Indigo's ebook software project that would eventually evolve into the digital powerhouse called Kobo we know and love. We aren't saying they will repeat that performance in 2016, but we aren't precluding the possibility either. You never know what sneaky projects the industry may be waiting to dazzle you with. 

The speakers are legendary

Cory Doctorow, Kevin Ashton, Colleen Cunningham, Clive Thompson, Artie Moffa, Robert Levine, Mitch Joel, Michael Tamblyn, Laura Brady, Kyusik Chung, Evan Schnittman, Hugh McGuire, Laura Hazard Owen, Peter Meyers, Mike Shatzkin—Tech Forum has been host to some memorable speakers and industry titans. Watch some of our past presenters and then check out the awesome list of speakers announced for 2016. There's more to come.

It's a phenomenal networking opportunity 

Not only are you going to go home with your head swirling with knowledge and inspiration, but think of all the people you are going to meet. Aside from the aforementioned amazing speakers, Tech Forum is attended by some pretty important people from many Canadian publishers, supply chain VIPs, tech giants, retail rockstars, design gurus, and more representing their companies and making connections. Make sure you bust out the ol' business cards and meet some people.

So You Think You Can Code?

Have we talked about this enough? Once more can't hurt: ebookcraft is launching its very own ebook design competition and if the action on Twitter is any indication, it's shaping up to be a digital design battle royale for the ages! You can sign up solo or in pairs when you register and we'll send all participants a deviously complicated EPUB file two weeks before the event. Your mission (should you choose to accept it): to transform this mess into a glorious, beautifully designed, platform-agnostic, fully accessible ebook. There are also fabulous prizes to be won, aside from some sizeable bragging rights, including a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud ($900 value!), a three-month 25-titles-per-month subscription to FlightDeck ($120 value!), and more. Find out all the details here

It's more affordable than ever right now

Not only have we extended the early-bird registration deadline to Jan. 31 to give you another whole week of savings but, American friends, the dollar is in your favour right now! Why wouldn't you take advantage of that crazy exchange rate while the getting is good? Don't worry, Canadian friends, we have perks for you too. All Canadian-owned-and-controlled publishing firms are eligible for the Association of Canadian Publishers' Professional Development Subsidy Program, which covers a portion of airfare, accommodation, and registration fees. Click here to download an application (PDF), or contact Inna Shepelska at the ACP for more information. For all other queries, please send us (your friendly neighbourhood TF programmers) an email.

The after-parties

Much like the ever-popular snacks fare, the after-parties are one of the best parts of Tech Forum and ebookcraft. You get to kick back with your friends, old and new, maybe participate in the mildly competitive pub quiz and win some prizes, all while processing everything you've seen and learned at Tech Forum and ebookcraft. Both parties are a great time and the cherries on a three-day conference of data, learning, and new ideas. 

Because the Tech Forum planning gods are benevolent, you now have until Jan. 31 to take full advantage of early-bird savings so don't slack and register now, because once they're gone they're gone.