A new hire? Make it so, Number One

I spent most of my first day supressing the urge to insert "big data" into Baby Got Back—it was mostly successful. 

I'm Krista and I'm the new Marketing Associate at BookNet Canada. If you see an upswing in meme usage, I'm probably to blame (sorry).

I arrived at BookNet yesterday fresh off an internship in the marketing department of Simon & Schuster Canada. Prior to that I also interned for House of Anansi Press and P.S. Literary. I'm pumped to be adventuring into the tech side of publishing and can't wait for the data minions to uplink my brain directly into a whole new world of knowledge. I expect to be an ONIX whiz by next month. 

In my past lives I was a graphic designer, I helped develop a gaming conference, and I also lived in Japan for a while. I have a love for experimenting with social media platforms, will probably make a lot of nerdy references, and I tend to type in lists, which is a horrible habit I am still trying to break. I applied to BookNet out of a great need to understand the parts of the publishing industry that were still a mystery to me and I feel like I won't be disappointed in the learning opportunities that this job will present to me along the way. 

I look forward to interacting with everyone through social media and maybe meeting some of you at Tech Forum, but for now: