ebookcraft 2016 call for speakers

ebookcraft is Tech Forum’s conference-in-a-conference for the ebook production community. It features two days—March 30 & 31, 2016—for ebook developers and book publishing/tech professionals to dive deep into the issues impacting digital book development today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Sessions are already in development for the following topics: storyboarding, backlist maintenance, animation, EPUB+WEB, font management, QA, indexing, and more. To add additional depth to our agenda, we encourage professionals in North America and abroad to submit proposals on the following topics:

  • Accessibility (plenary format): overview of the philosophical rationales and practical necessities to implement accessibility beyond the essential “text-to-speech” compatibility, which ideally presents opportunities for the future development of the milieu, a round-up of accomplishments made outside the North American and UK markets, and the dual roles of ebooks and the web.
  • Case studies of in-house CMS workflows (workshop format): innovative (ideally non-proprietary) solutions that break down the why and how of publishing processes implemented by digital asset managers (including ebook developers), as well as a considered analysis of the successes, failures, and opportunities of such.

Presentation formats:

Proposals will be considered for workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. A typical time slot is 45-60 minutes for presentations and panels; workshops vary.

Tips for submitting your proposal:

  • Tell us about yourself: why would you be the best person to talk about this topic?
  • Give us as much detail about your proposed presentation as possible.
  • Remember that these are short presentations, so it’s best to narrow your scope.
  • Your presentation can be practical or theoretical, but make sure it contains practical take-aways for the audience.
  • Avoid sales pitches.


Watch videos from ebookcraft 2015.

Review slides from ebookcraft 2015.

Suggestions also welcome!

If you’re not a presenter but would still like to suggest a topic or speaker, please get in touch. After all, this conference is for you.

Deadline for submissions:

Please send proposals and suggestions to ebookcraft@booknetcanada.ca by September 30, 2015. All submissions are considered by the ebookcraft committee. Successful candidates will be contacted with more information on presentation opportunities at ebookcraft.