Let's get ready to rumble!

Earlier this year, we presented Scholastic Canada’s Nikole Kritikos & Kristen Myhill with a giant trophy to congratulate them on winning the 2014/2015 PubFight season. Let’s just say that their swagger was deserved:

There's a new champ in town! Congrats to Nik and Kris at Scholastic Canada, who got a giant cookie surprise today to celebrate their well-deserved #PubFight win!

Posted by BookNet Canada on Friday, 20 February 2015

Winning PubFight isn’t easy. It’s a game where so-called publishing “professionals” (sarcastic emphasis added) form a fantasy league of their peers (with SalesData access, of course), select 10 titles in a rollicking live auction, prepare print runs for expected sales, and track the sales live through BookNet’s retail reporting panel BNC SalesData. It’s about showing your stuff to your peers—once your allies, now your greatest enemies.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Ready to destroy your colleagues?

The 2015/16 PubFight season has officially begun. BookNet’s PubFight Commissioner has already been in contact with the various administrators of participating PubFight leagues. They’ll be in touch with you to coordinate a date for the Fakefurt auction, where you’ll spend your (imaginary) $200,000 budget on (imagined) advances for the 10 titles you’ll manage during the course of the season.

Here’s how to get ready and destroy your colleagues:

Research the titles and make your picks

The BNC CataList catalogue featuring the titles available during the Fakefurt auction is now available. Take a look and stake your claims. You can use our handy Auction Helper (PDF) to review the available titles, figure out how much you want to bid, and keep track during the auction. Improve your swagger with advice on how to win from previous BNC PubFight champs Carol Gordon and Bill Holt.

Fight it out at Fakefurt

Steel your nerves and come prepared—and don’t forget your Auction Helper (PDF).

Print smart to win

Whatever happens at the auction, stays at the auction. Lost a title you craved? Paid too much for another? Move on. Recover. Print smart to win, and watch the sales roll in each week through BNC SalesData. We’ll be here, ready to assist with the trash talk. (More on printing smart.) This year, you can also display official PubFight badges on your publisher profile on bncpubfight.ca or elsewhere on the interwebs.

Afraid of missing out?

Want to start a league in your BNC SalesData-subscribed company? You can sign up here!