An Excel-lent start to a new internship!

Day One: Completed

My name is Jamie, and I’m the new research intern here at BookNet Canada. One thing you should know about me is that I always finish what I start. I finish every book I begin to read. I’m serious. No matter how painful the experience or uninteresting the story, I will read that book until the final page. This reading habit is the result of a healthy dose of optimism (I always hope the story will redeem itself in the end) and a compulsion to see things through.

Hmmm, maybe that wasn’t the best fact to begin with because I’m not trying to equate this internship with a bad book… In fact, I really wanted this internship. My previous internship experiences include a publicity internship at Random House Canada and, more recently, a marketing and publicity internship at HarperCollins Canada. So you may ask: why a third internship and why BookNet?

I responded to the BNC internship posting because I knew it would be an incredible opportunity and that it would be completely different from my previous internships. It’s only my first week on the job and I already know that my experience at BookNet is going to provide me with the challenge and learning experience I wanted. I hope that this immersion in data analysis and all things technological will give me practical knowledge and the marketable skills to help me in my future job endeavors. It would also be great to have a better understanding of how the publishing industry operates as a whole, a perspective that can be harder to get while working inside a publishing house. I don’t know what this new chapter has in store for me, but I can’t wait to find out. Thanks for the opportunity, BookNet!