15 memorable on-screen indie bookstores

From Harry Potter’s teetering bookshelves to Gone Girl’s scintillating stacks, we love us some on-screen (and off-screen) indie bookstores.

In honour of Authors for Indies Day coming up on May 2, our resident Lady of Lists, Lauren Stewart, put together a compilation of 15 memorable on-screen indie bookstores for Buzzfeed, along with a handy infographic with real-life settings and filming locations.

Find the list and infographic here, and stay tuned for more from us on the inaugural indie-loving celebration happening next month.

In the meantime, you can also peruse our recent infographic on why Canadians choose indie bookstores.

(What’s Authors for Indies Day, you ask? Why, it’s a nationwide event where authors across Canada support their local indie bookstores by volunteering as guest booksellers. See who’s participating here.)