Calling all book subject wonks

Go international, but stay home, too!

Thema—the new subject standard for supporting retail sales, recommended by BookNet Canada as “the best choice for Canadian publishing”—has two user groups you are welcome to join:

  1. Thema_IMPLEMENT: EDItEUR has created a Thema_IMPLEMENT group similar to the ONIX_IMPLEMENT group that has supported the ONIX Standard. More here.
  2. And for the Canadians: Canada has its own Thema user group, too—currently discussing if we need a value for “related to Canadian Aboriginals” when there’s a perfectly good Thema subject code for Indigenous People and extensive Canadian geography codes. Do you care? Come play! Email

(Don’t know much about Thema? Get a quick intro here, watch our Thema webinar here, or you can read EDItEUR’s overview here.)