Goodbye dust jackets?

It’s 2015, book publishers. How are your prototypes for dust-repellent paper coming along? 

It’s probably safe to say that the eradication of dust jackets is not a top priority for the publishing industry right now (though we really hope the hoverboard thing comes to fruition). Since Kobo’s predecessor, Shortcovers, launched in Canada in 2009, things have gone down a decidedly more digital path.

To determine the size and scope of this digital publishing marketplace, we released The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2013 report last year, in which more than eighty publishing houses and distributors reported on their digital publishing programs. What did we find out? Canadian publishers have rapidly adapted to the Canadian consumer’s appetite for digital reading and embraced ebook publishing as the new norm.

Now we want to see how things have evolved since then. Publishers who fill out The State of Digital Publishing in Canada 2014 survey will help us take stock of digital publishing in Canada, so we can all see where it may be going in the future. (You’ll also receive an advance copy of the final report.)

And if that future just happens to include dust-repellent paper, well then, all the better.

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