Photo Scavenger Hunt Winners

Last week at Tech Forum and ebookcraft, we ran a photo scavenger hunt through our event app. There were a total of 31 challenges needed to complete the 5 badges, including:

  • Geeky socks
  • An overloaded power outlet
  • A non-Apple laptop
  • Our official event photographer (Yvonne Bambrick) in action
  • A BookNet cookie
  • Typos in an ebook
  • Something with a unicorn on it


By the end of the events, we had 721 photos to go through! Three winners and five runners up received prize packages containing one or more of the following:

  • A Kobo Aura e-reader
  • Bookstore gift certificates (Another Story, Bakka Phoenix, Ben McNally, Book City, Type)
  • A digital subscription to Publishers Weekly
  • Copies of Clive Thompson’s book, Smarter Than You Think
  • And, of course, cookies!

 Congratulations to our winners, and thanks for playing! We’ve put up a selection of the photos on Pinterest, so click here to take a look.

ECW Press production manager Troy Cunningham took home the top prize. Congrats, Troy!  Athmika Punja of ECW snagged a runner-up prize.