How BNC Turned Me into a Data Junkie


I am told that I am the longest running intern that BookNet has ever had; which in my eyes makes me the luckiest.

During my internship I was privileged to work on several major research studies, including The Canadian Book Market, The Canadian Book Consumer, and our forthcoming Juvenile study, Measuring Attitudes and Adoption of Digital Content for Kids and Teens (stay tuned!). I got to work on the BNC literary award studies, create monthly market share reports for SalesData subscribers, and contribute to the BNC blog (which I have loved!). I was given access to the administration site to test new product features, compiled PubFight title lists and competed in the auction (a vicious and competitive affair), and was lucky enough to attend Tech Forum 2013 and a few of the CMPTO meetups and….

To say that I was exposed to a variety of experiences at BookNet is a colossal understatement.

As someone who is at the beginning of her career, I don’t think I could have asked for a better launch pad, nor could I have picked a better staff to learn from. To the entire team at BNC, thank you so much for making feel welcomed and secure, and for taking the time to teach me things that I would not have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere.

And a special thanks to interns of BookNet past! In the beginning your templates and guides saved me from a number of potential panic attacks, and I hope I have been able to do the same for future interns.

It is with a sad heart that I say my goodbyes, but I know that my experiences here have prepared me for the next step and I’m excited to take it!

Oh, did I mention that I am also the first intern to introduce memes to the BNC blog? In keeping with the trend, I leave you with this rage comic. Thank you and enjoy!