#CMPTO Wrap Up: Start Your Engines!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Code Meet Print Toronto Monday night. We had four terrific presentations followed by the latter bits of a Very Important Playoff Game. Needless to say, the presentations marked the high points—no contest.

Brydon Gillis bravely started things off by throwing the floor open to questions. Brydon started DemoCampGuelph and Startupify, and was a great resource for our audience who were curious about how startup communities encourage development and get built.

He was followed by Sandra Nagy who spoke about Pearson Catalyst—an education technology incubator that has just taken its first-ever round of submissions. Sandra is Pearson Canada’s director of digital Learning for the K-12 range. Her transparency about the Catalyst process was hugely informative. Her evident passion for bringing learning innovation to market, and her championing of Canadian innovators in their international program, was infectious.

Sandra was followed by Mark MacKinnon who delivered an great deal of practical advice. Mark spoke about his experience as a boardgame developer and hit us with some great parallels with print publishing. At the time of his presentation, Mark’s boardgame, Upon A Fable, was a few hundred dollars away from reaching its Kickstarter goal. As of this morning, it’s $400 over! I’m not saying CMPTO had anything to do with it but I’m not NOT saying that either. Congratulations, Mark!

Our final presentation came to us via teh internets from Portland, Oregon. Todd Satterson, author of Every Book is a Startup, recorded a little something to give us his thoughts on the intersection between book publishing and startup culture. It’s presented in full below and is the smartest twelve minutes you’ll spend on the web today.

We’ll be back with another CMPTO in September. Until then, we’re going to release some CMPTO presentations on our SlideShare so check in when you can or keep a lookout on Twitter or FB feeds.