Spotlight: BiblioCommons

The technology behind library ebook distribution can be challenging for librarians and patrons alike.

Beth Jefferson, the co-founder and CEO of library-focused tech startup BiblioCommons, discusses the opportunities and challenges of public library ebook distribution, and suggests ways that libraries can improve user experience, increase discoverability of a wider range of titles, and even—wait for it—sell books to library patrons.

Some highlights: 

  • 0:20 - The trouble with borrowing ebooks from public libraries
  • 10:35 - “Buy” buttons and the affiliate marketing model
  • 11:30 - Library patrons are also book buyers
  • 16:40 - Building discoverability and user engagement through libraries
  • 20:40 - Building better metadata (hint: it involves ONIX)
  • 22:37 - Making catalogue records more helpful to educators 


We apologize for the abrupt start to the video. We experienced some technical difficulties with the recording.

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