How Do Canadians Spend Their Free Time?

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BookNet Canada has fielded a consumer panel in February for the last two years. The results from the panel are used to help inform the data we collect for our study, The Canadian Book Consumer. In the general consumer questionnaire, we ask approximately 750 English-speaking Canadians from across the country how they spend their leisure time, how much time they spend per day on those leisure activities, and, this year, what mobile devices they own (at least the ones that could potentially be used for e-reading). Included here is some of the data from our most recent survey (February 2013) and comparative data (where available) from last year’s survey (February 2012).

How do Canadians spend their leisure time?

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Again, this year reading comes in as the second most popular way Canadians like to spend their free time. We are a nation of readers and…TV watchers.

How often do Canadians engage in specific leisure activities?

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Nice to know that a large percentage of Canadians (almost 40%) read books at least several times a week. The data also shows a year-over-year growth in the frequency with which Canadians are reading digital books.

If you are interested in more specific book consumer data then you really should check out our in-depth studies over here.

Note: While the above data shows a slight increase in reading as a leisure activity in 2013 this increase is within the margin of error for this study (+/-3.6% with a 95% confidence level).