Tech Forum & ebookcraft Mini-FAQ

This week, registration opened for two great conferences next March:

  • Our annual Tech Forum event (which consists of Tech Forum and BookNet 101)
  • ebookcraft, a new one-day ebook production conference

We’re also offering a one-day ONIX workshop the day after Tech Forum (March 7). Our shiny new website is full of information on all of these events, so feel free to wander over and take a look (and save your spot while the early-bird pricing lasts!).

Since the events just launched, we don’t have any frequently asked questions yet. So I went ahead and came up with some that I thought might come up.

Tech Forum and ebookcraft both look great! Do I have to choose? What’s the difference, anyway?

You’re welcome to attend both Tech Forum and ebookcraft. Tech Forum is aimed at book industry professionals from retailers to book publishers and everyone in between, and across all departments (sales & marketing, editorial, executive, etc.). ebookcraft, on the other hand, is for people who do hands-on work on ebooks (designing them, developing and coding them, etc.).

What’s BookNet 101? Can I register for it separately?

BookNet 101 is an afternoon of professional development focused on helping you get the most out of BookNet products. It’s part of Tech Forum, and is included in your Tech Forum registration. However, you can’t register for BookNet 101 on its own: to attend, you must purchase a Tech Forum ticket.

Wait, don’t BookNet 101 and ebookcraft overlap?

Yes, they both take place on March 5, 2014: ebookcraft is all day, and BookNet 101 is from 1-5 pm. However, these events serve very different audiences. BookNet 101 is for people who want to learn how to use BookNet products better (SalesData, CataList, BiblioShare, etc.), and ebookcraft is for people who are involved with creating and developing ebooks and want to join the conversation about ebook design, standards, and best practices.

Is the ONIX Training course part of Tech Forum?

Not technically, no. It takes place on March 7, the day after Tech Forum. But since we’re bringing in the talented Graham Bell from EDItEUR to speak at Tech Forum, we figured we’d seize the opportunity to have him present his popular, practical workshop on the ONIX standard and how to apply it. This is a must for anyone who works with metadata files, so if you’re already coming to Toronto for Tech Forum, why not stay an extra day?

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the FAQ!