The Future Is Now #CMPTO

Imagining the future of books and literate culture is a great pastime these days. Can we picture books as being anything other than what they are? Even though we see the disruption of digital all around us we still wear blinders and imagine e-readers as analogs for paper books and news as something that comes in the morning on dead trees. But really the book and its attributes have been under constant reimagination from the beginning. Can you imagine if they had never evolved? What if the tablet hadn’t changed and we still had to lug around books on a tablet like this:

Sure we would be in better shape, but how much information could we store?

So with evolution in mind, the next Code Meet Print Toronto is exploring the future possibilities of the book.

If you’re a Science Fiction fan it is likely that you have come across concepts about what the book will look like in the future. I know I have. I am of the firm belief that Science Fiction becomes Science Fact and that the playground of that genre is where our imaginations are being stretched to think about future possibilities. So I am incredibly excited to hear from our own beloved reigning Sci-Fi hero, Robert Sawyer, on this topic.

And in keeping with our Science Fiction becoming Science Fact theme I am equally thrilled to see and hear about 3D printing. Desktop manufacturing is a new field whose potential has only vaguely been addressed. We are in on the ground floor with this presentation from Andre Tiemann & Paulo Bittencourt.

And finally who isn’t excited by the ‘future is now’ potential of Small Demons? Richard Nash is nothing if not a visionary for these publishing times and no one should miss the opportunity of hearing him speak about the now and the future state of publishing.

So put on your jetpacks and don’t miss our next Code Meet Print where we see that the future really is NOW!