2020 Media Futures at Tech Forum West: Reboot the Book

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BNC’s upcoming day-long conference Tech Forum West: Reboot the Book is all about the new book: it’s enhanced, it’s social, it’s applified! As media evolves as rapidly as it has, how can publishing prepare for long-term sustainability? Using data, logic and planning, of course! At TFW, Greg Van Alstyne, Director of Research at Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) at OCAD University will show you how.

Greg will lead a provocative presentation at Tech Forum West guiding attendees  through the Canadian media landscape in 2020, using scenario logic to examine ideas, strategies and actions we can take today toward resilient, long-term, creative and economic success. What will reading, writing and publishing be like by 2020? If we could develop a high-resolution image of future possibilities, how might we adapt and change our projects, priorities and preparations?

Greg, lead investigator for the year-long 2020 Media Futures project, will attempt to resolve these questions through a compelling discussion of insights from the project. 2020 Media Futures is an ambitious, multi-industry strategic foresight project designed to understand and envision what media may look like in the year 2020; what kind of cross-platform Internet environment may shape our media and entertainment in the coming decade; and how our firms and organizations can take action today toward capturing and maintaining positions of national and international leadership.

Tech Forum West: Reboot the Book features Greg’s talk as well as a keynote address by Peter Meyers (A New Kind of Book), a case study on D&M Publishers’ enhanced book The Legacy by Jesse Finklestein, a panel on using data to effectively enhance your sales strategy and much, much more.

Tech Forum West: Reboot the Book is on October 18, 2011 at the Jewel Ballroom in Vancouver. To register, visit the EventBrite page. Act fast! Early Bird pricing is in effect until Friday, September 16th only!