Da PubFight Is On!

I’ll admit it I’ve never won PubFight, I’m last in my fantasy baseball pool and I didn’t win my hockey pool either, but hope springs eternal. Tis a new season and all past out-of-stock-transgressions are forgotten. My new mantra this year…’Keep’em in stock’. Losing sales because I don’t have the book on the ‘shelf’ is just unacceptable, and in the fantasyland of PubFight I don’t even have to worry about shipping, unpacking, re-labelling, etc… Just print’em and let them fly off the shelves, but for some reason I still can’t do that? The heat of the fall/Christmas book rush? I dunno…it should be easy. It isn’t, and once again in PubFight I only have to manage 10 titles.

All that to say that this year we have over 100 Canadian Publishing/Book Professionals actively playing a fantasy publishing game. For many of them this ‘game’ mimics their real life jobs, but still they come. Perhaps it is the fun of managing someone else’s titles? Maybe it is the free chips and stellar awards they get at the end of the season? Or, and this might be my hope, they love books, love games and love the book supply-chain? Yes, I said ‘love’ and ‘supply-chain’ together. If nothing else I hope they take away an appreciation of just how hard it is to keep the wheels of industry/publishing rolling. And above all else…I hope everyone has some fun.

I know that I’m already being Mockingjay‘ed by the first place team.

Thanks for playing and if you are a SalesData subscriber and want to play next year give us a shout.