iPad: Ten Days In

I’ll make my confessions right off the start:

* I have too many Apple products already. This might make me a ‘fanboy’, but in my defense I’m not solely an Apple user.

* I bought my iPad on the “grey-market” and I’m in Canada so there are some limitations with apps and such (I know there are ways around the iTunes market restrictions…shock).

* I love it!

I think the most telling fact might be that I was prepared to leave my laptop in my hotel for the whole of LBF. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m fast enough on the keyboard (in landscape mode) that I can take pretty good notes and definitely keep up on email and twitter. As odd as it is…I can remote access my home and business computers from the iPad so I can troubleshoot things if I had too. This isn’t a laptop replacement, at least not yet, but it is lighter and the battery life is so much better than my MacBook.

My Apps

  • Kobo: I’ve been a Kobo user on my iPhone for the last little while so this was a logical progression. I don’t do Kindle and iBook isn’t available in Canada yet so I don’t have a lot to compare against, but I do like the platform as an ereader and Kobo as the gateway. Yes, the device is a little heavy, but it isn’t too bad. If you have the iPad case from Apple it folds under allowing the Ipad to be nicely slanted. It isn’t any more awkward then reading a hardcover in bad…in fact it’s better. Kobo interface and UI is really good…no complaints.
  • Marvel Comics and Comics: Comics on the iPad are pretty awesome. I haven’t bought anything yet ($1.99 seems like a lot), but I love checking out the free stuff. Art looks great on the screen and my fingers don’t get inky. I assume that magazines will look excellent as well…I’ve checked out some mags with Zinio and they look good, but the app is too slow for me to use.
  • ESPN Scorecenter and MLB At-bat: I’m a baseball junkie and these ones give me my fix.
  • Pad Mouse: For remote controlling some of my computers.
  • Evernote, Google, RDP Client, IMDB, Feedler RSS, NYT: All used daily

Movies and TV look amazing. I had loaded it up with stuff to watch on my flight to London, but that didn’t happen. However, I think it is going to be great on the plane and for traveling in general. Having a few books, movies, and music always at hand…in combination with email, a great screen, and battery life is pretty nice. Can’t wait for multi-tasking.

Is it worth ~$500? Likely not. Am I going to get my money’s worth? I think that I will.