Bite-Sized Edits Hot from the Book Oven: Yum!

It’s overcast in Toronto, and a perfect day to test out BookOven’s cloud-based publishing project!

BookOven, by its own admission, is “an online toolset that helps individuals and groups to make, improve, publish, and sell print books and ebooks. Book Oven is designed for independent writers, designers, editors, and small presses.” Here’s how it works: you upload your text, invite collaborators to work on said text, and then once it’s polished up and pretty, you use publish as an .epub or .pdf (eventually formatted for POD). It brings the workflow online and prevents the confusion that inevitably arises when several people are editing a single text. And it’s built specifically for book creation.

My very favourite part of BookOven, though, is Bite Sized Edits. Don’t have a proofreader? Well, you can turn your text over to the mercy of the Internet. Bite Sized Edits lets you edit a single sentence from a text. The preceding and following sentences are shown for context. You can approve the sentence or make suggestions, and every time you edit, you win points that lead to winning free books!

Let me reiterate how awesome this is:

  1. Spreading the good grammar word.
  2. Making writing better without making a big commitment.
  3. Free books.

I’m excited that Hugh McGuire (@hughmcguire), co-creator of BookOven (@BookOven) and Bite Sized Edits (@bitesizeedits), will be with us at the BNC Tech Forum this year (Registration closes today! Get in there!). Innovation is so tasty!