The Reader Perspective at Tools of Change + TF Updates

Next week is the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing conference in NYC. Sadly, this BookNetter won’t be attending, though two other BNC staffers will. Jealousy abounds. I’m particularly interested in the panels exploring the reader’s perspective:

I’ll have to get Tim and Carol to report back.

Meanwhile, things are starting to get exciting around here for the BNC Tech Forum. Keep your eye here for previews and news. I’m conducting a BNC-TV interview today with Tech Forum participant Deanna McFadden; and did you see Richard Nash and Hugh McGuire’s recent interviews? All Tech Forum speakers. Oh, and did you know that if you’re a user of BNC products and you answer that Customer Satisfaction survey I sent you, you can win two tickets to the Tech Forum? Yes. Yes you can. Email me ( if you’ve lost the link.